50th Anniversary Celebration – A Recap!

Niki Ververelli - Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On Friday, October 24, 2014, clients, vendors, industry professionals and family gathered at the Union League of Philadelphia for an evening of memories, gratitude and looking to the future while appreciating our history. Guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres complimented with the sounds of David Turanski and his other band members for a light musical accompaniment. The signature cocktail for the evening was THE CHILLER – a Bluecoat martini, up with olives and as JV noted, it is “SIMPLE, YET EFFECTIVE!”

After a little while, allowing for guests to arrive and have a drink, I made a few remarks prior to JV speaking. In acknowledging my grandfather’s legacy and the great work that we do, I wanted to also highlight the exceptional achievement that the last 50 years encapsulates – over 185 years of experience within our office and 2,660 projects to date (as I said then – that’s more than 1 project completed per week for 50 years!). 

Next up was John Ververelli. In true JV style, he explained the ethos by which he and this firm operates to the tune of a quote explaining the Grateful Dead. The concert promoter Bill Graham once said that, “The Grateful Dead are not the best at what they do, they are the only ones who do what they do.” After thanking our clients, business partners, friends, family and staff (past + present), JV thought back about his Dad and remarked, “My father’s peers and acquaintances have told me he was the engineer’s engineer. He was an agitator of men and women like Enzo Ferrari.” This got the room nodding and chuckling in unison. From there, JV went on to recognize past employees who were in attendance, including Bill Mounce who worked for DJVI for 44 years, Richard Hoffman who was with us for 12 years and Sophia Mitchell who was here for 6 years. As a final capstone to his remarks, my grandmother, Anastasia was recognized for providing guidance and moral support for the firm for the last 50 years (and also bookkeeping and administrative work during the early years). 

That was the last of the formalities and the remainder of the evening was spent socializing and catching up with everyone. Thank you to those who joined us and shared such wonderful memories and stories of working with our firm. It truly was a special evening and one that none of us will soon forget!

Shared Sentiments… 

“What a great evening!  The entire Ververelli family should be proud.  Again, your Dad's spirit was EVERYWHERE in the room.” – Richard W. Thom, AIA
“What a great night and way to celebrate 50 years of quality services and friendship!” – Edward F. Siegfried, Jr., E.F. Siegfried Company, Inc.

“Congratulations on maintaining such great passion within all these years. Your company has heart, and it shows on your commitment to your projects.” – Jerry Leva, Drexel University 

 “I wish you well in your continued endeavor for another 50 years and look forward to working with you for many more of those years.” – Keith Dottery, Diversified Lighting Associates, Inc.

“Wonderful to see you succeed for so many years!  Bet your dad would be proud!” – John Frondorf, Becker & Frondorf

“Congratulations to Dimitri J. Ververelli, Inc. for reaching the 50th Anniversary milestone!  It is truly something to be proud of and wish you all the best for many years to come.” – Stephen Keener, P. Agnes

“You and your dad choose the most appropriate date.  Your grandfather always celebrated his name day.  How proud he would be of both of you.” – Letsa Hadgimallis