ACEC’s “The Business of Engineering” Conference – March 19-22, 2014, Chicago, IL

Niki Ververelli - Monday, June 23, 2014

The Business of Engineering was hosted by the American Council of Engineering Companies, a national organization for all branches of engineering. The conference was 4 days packed with information, ideas, experiences and trends all surrounding this massive industry – fascinating. I had the opportunity to attend the conference back in March (forgive the delay here) with my colleague Greg, a mechanical engineer here at DJVI. He filled in the blanks when it came to elements of conversation that I wasn't quite up to speed on engineering-wise and I nodded to him through the marketing portion. That said, the content was completely tangible, regardless of company size. At my table alone, we had people from all over the country and in various disciplines but who could still all relate to the discussions and topics covered. 

Topics included:
  • Performance Management & Generations
  • Contracts & Risk Management
  • Finance
  • Business Management & Ownership Transition
  • Marketing & Business Development
The conference was comprehensive – all day sessions with micro & macro focuses on each of the topics. Understanding the risk involved in what we do, contracts and what they mean, the finances through and through and a touch on marketing. I didn't hear anything in the marketing portion that I didn't already know, but I liked that it was included – highlighting why it’s an undervalued but necessary part of what engineering companies should be doing. We left the conference with better understanding about many of the elements outside of the engineering itself as well as new contacts. We found out we’re quite a niche company being both small and still family owned – it was nice to be recognized in that way.