Aramark - A New Logo

Niki Ververelli - Thursday, July 24, 2014

High-rise building renovations, tenant improvements and overall system evaluations and upgrades are key to the work that we do at DJVI. One such structure where we’ve been able to perform those services and more in Philadelphia is the Aramark Tower at 1101 Market Street. Since 1990, DJVI has handled various projects within the building. Separate from the MEP/FP work we’ve done, it seems that the building got an upgrade in a whole other way… the logo! They’ve taken away the capital, italicized letters in favor of a more youthful, lowercase approach.  Keeping their “people-star”, the new brand appears to be more approachable, less archaic. This re-brand has been noticed both in the graphic design realm as well as the Philadelphia Business Journal (links below) and rightfully so, for a corporation so huge, so global.