CAT Wet Labs - Sneak Peek!

Niki Ververelli - Monday, January 06, 2020

Phases 2 and 3 of the CAT Wet Laboratories are completed!

Drexel University students and researchers are making advancements and technological breakthroughs everyday on campus and require the space with which to conduct their research. Wet Laboratory space types are defined as laboratories where chemicals, other materials or biological matter are tested and analyzed requiring water, direct ventilation, and specialized piped utilities. It cannot be stated enough that life safety is paramount in the design of the space. The design team noted has been tasked with the creation of laboratories that:

  • Are responsive to current and future needs;
  • Encourage interaction among scientists from various disciplines;
  • Help recruit and retain qualified scientists;
  • Facilitate partnerships and development.

The renovations include two new wet research laboratories on the first floor for Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering; one on the second floor for Materials Engineering; and two on the third floor for Chemical and Biological Engineering. DJVI is proud to have been a part of the team which brought approximately 5,685 square feet of wet research laboratories and technical support spaces for the College of Engineering in the Center for Automation Technology.

Kudos to all those involved, including Nalls Architecture and MJ Settelen Construction, LLC