Niki Ververelli - Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Even with the heat advisory… in our office, there are times where some of us compare whose hands are colder. It is an ever-present discussion on how THEY SAY the colder the air, the better the working environment is. After covering myself in every “emergency-use-only-if-freezing-to-death” item around my cube, JV went into his whole diatribe on how cooler air is better for us. He referenced the September 2014 ASHRAE Industry News mention on how sleep temperature affects our ability to metabolize fat. The New York Times article which the ASHRAE Journal references notes that the perfect temperature for sleeping is of 66 degrees F. 

Okay that’s just sleeping – but what about our office wardrobe? This is something all of us, not just those making engineering magic happen, have to deal with! As my JCrew email read – “It’s officially indoor sweater season!”, which is so spot on. So what do we do? We layer, we put on scarves, we have to be really careful in planning our outfits (or not). Most of us don’t wear suits every day to work, even so, it’s still too warm for most summery outfits. We can take comfort in that even NASA experiences the same struggles, as mentioned in last weekend's Wall Street Journal

Layer up, office dwellers and stay hydrated!