March Madness – Heating Up and Cooling Down!

Niki Ververelli - Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Regardless of who you have chosen to win in your March Madness bracket, the essential thing to remember here is that the air conditioning of athletic facilities is a wonderful thing. 

DJVI understands that it is essential to provide spaces that encourage competition, recreation and wellness while also ensuring they are efficient and sustainable facilities for athletes and staff. It is our responsibility to plan for and design systems that create an environment for this to occur. Beginning with the schematic design in 1965, Dimitri J. Ververelli, Inc. has been part of the history of the athletic facilities at Drexel University.

Years back, JV said that he knew DJVI could find a way to provide air conditioning to the Daskalakis Athletic Center, home of the Division I Drexel Dragons, and here we are, several degrees cooler and ready to play. As we watch our favorite players and teams hustling to make plays, consider the joy of doing so in a beautifully conditioned space!

Do you have a space you may think will never find an optimal temperature? Drop us a line and let’s discuss!