Podcast: Daughters in Charge

Niki Ververelli - Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I will be very clear in that I know I am not the boss, but I am proud to work for my family’s business. A dear friend shared with me the website Daughters in Charge

– a place for women to gain tangible knowledge in how to navigate working for a family business. It has been a great resource for me in a position that I have been unfamiliar with up to this point. Upon signing up to be part of Daughters in Charge, I immediately felt connected to this community. 

I have had the privilege of talking about my experience working for DJVI with Amy Katz, President of Daughters in Charge. A new series of podcasts has been introduced where women in family businesses have the opportunity to share their experience. I had the opportunity to share how working for DJVI has been thus far and where I see myself going. It was a very comfortable and engaging conversation and I really enjoyed the time I spent talking to Amy. I hope you can take a listen!

You can listen on the Daughters in Charge website or iTunes: