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Niki Ververelli - Thursday, December 14, 2017

Happy Holidays from Dimitri J. Ververelli, Inc. and the Reading Terminal Market Basement Cooling Loop!

DJVI worked with Elliott-Lewis Corp. on the renovations to the basement of the Reading Terminal Market, which included the installation of a cooling tower and cooling loop to connect to the water cooled refrigeration equipment in the basement. This project has improved conditions and provided relief to the merchants of the Market and ~$16,000 in savings on cooling costs in July 2017 alone!

A good neighbor indeed! DJVI, located just 2 blocks from the Reading Terminal Market, has provided Professional Engineering Services for design and documentation of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection modifications in association with the on-going renovation and modernization of the historic landmark for over 15 years.

The basement cooling loop system includes the following:
  1. A new cooling tower located on the east side of the RTM.
  2. A heat exchanger to separate the open outdoor loop from a closed indoor loop.
  3. Dual circulation pumps on both the open and closed loop.
  4. Piping from the cooling tower to the heat exchanger and distribution piping from the heat exchangers throughout the basement with taps for equipment on regular intervals.
  5. Piping connection to connect the Convention Center chilled water system to the closed loop for emergency backup.
  6. Piping and pump accessories.

Check out more of the photos from the cooling tower installation and the basement of the RTM:


The Reading Terminal Market will be celebrating 125 years in 2018 and we are so happy to be part of the future of the Market and the next 125 years!

Many thanks to Elliott-Lewis Corp. for their partnership on this project and so many others that we have collaborated on throughout the years!


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